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January 8, 2007 (16 years)
Poynton Cheshire UK
Retired due to serious road traffic accident
Prior to my accident I used to love hiking, rock climbing, skiing and running. Since my accident, which has basically forced me indoors I play many games (I've bought literally thousands of games over the last several years and daren't think about how much they have cost, but that said they have brough me much joy and have kept me sane as well as acted as brillinat analgesics (sometimes better than the morphine based drugs I have to take for the pain). I still love photography, but don't spend much time on the hobby anymore; partly because I'm stuck indoors most of the time. I used to plan shots months in advance so as to get the right lighting conditions for a particular out door subject, and loved to mess around with digital photo editors such as photoshops. I still crack open photoshops occassionally and mess around with some images; and, since my house move i have a great view from the velux window in the roof conversion, where I can get really nice sunset shots, which i use with Photoshop to improve the look of some of my other images. I love to travel - it's been curtailed somewhat by the accident, but we still take at least one foreign holiday a year (used to be 2 or 3 before the accident, including a skiing trip and two adventure vacations./ We don't like beach holidays, but I do love the sea. We also used to go camping over the summer once we'd recoved from our main vacation over the summer months. I doubt I'd be able to sleep on the floor any longer due to the injuries sustained when my back was broken back in September 2005. Since last year I've really got into using the Steam client and love the weekly deals that you find. There's nearly always something I'll buy, plus I'm getting back into playing games online as well. I've started to buy 2 and sometimes 3 of the same games when I think my children will like them. :) A bit excessive maybe, but it's great being able to play online with them. I'd like to get back into drawing and painting, a hobby I used to persue many years ago, before life got too hectic. I spent a lot of time showing my daughter various drawing and painting techniques while she was growng up and she has now become quite an accomplished artist. My sone spends most of his spare time reading or playing his favorite games (Counter Strike Global Offensive, minecraft, Teraria and sometimes Team Fortress 2)