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Leawo Photoins Photo Enhancer Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Leawo Photoins Photo Enhancer

Automatically improve quality of a batch of photos in one click!
$29.95 EXPIRED
User rating: 28 6 comments

Leawo Photoins Photo Enhancer was available as a giveaway on June 24, 2023!

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Leawo PhotoIns is one of the best photo AI enhancement solution that allows you to batch improve your romance photos in one click to enhance photos, enlarge eyes, beautify sky, sharpen image, etc. in one simple click, with the ability to process various RAW files. Photoins also can fix and improve the colors of your photos and gives you the right tone and color balance to perfect the tints.

  • Enlarge and brighten your eyes, making them sparkle as sapphires.
  • Remove freckles and wrinkles automatically, and adjust brightness intelligently.
  • Smart dehaze magically blows away haziness and fogginess.
  • Automatically restore the most immersive sky.
  • Corrects white balance by automatically adjusting color temperature.
  • Correct photos in the right tone, giving them vivid and immersive new lives.
  • Auto AI processing optimizes any RAW files to the best.
  • Fix blurry and shaky JPG images caused by compression through reducing noise.

System Requirements:

Windows 7/ 8/ 10; Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor; RAM: 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended); Graphics card: Open GL 3.3 or later compatible Graphics Cards; Screen display: 1024 x 768 display (1280x800 recommended)


Leawo Software



File Size:

3.22 MB

Licence details:

1 year license



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Developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Developed by Andrew Zhezherun
Developed by Autodesk, Inc.

Comments on Leawo Photoins Photo Enhancer

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Thank you for the 1-year Free License.

Only a few things I would like to be added. My one of two suggestions is to add an AI photo enhancer's filter strength and the other suggestion is to add photo filters. If I could pick one that will benefit everyone. I'll pick to add an AI-photo enhancer strength bar to your software.

I am a Photoshop professional who started at the age of 13 and now I just turned 34 beginning of June. I've used your AI photo enhancer software. It works pretty well. Your AI is doing what's its purpose. But, Your AI is overdoing it with its enhancements. I upload a photo of a selfie. I did several selfie photos. I've discovered using this software, I went from a real selfie photo that has a little bit too much lighting to HRD Photo Filter and your AI overdoing it with a photo face filter to the point I look fake or designed by an AI photo generator.

That is why I'm suggesting for the Leawo developer team add an AI-photo enhancer strength bar to the software for users to have more control over how they look or judge any photos uploaded by subtracting and adding the strength of the AI. I have more suggestions to improve this software. But, I just wanted to share my thoughts and experience as a PhotoShop Professional with the main purpose of Leawo's software and to help the Leawo developer team with my suggestion to improve their software.

Reply   |   Comment by Darren C.  –  5 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

I was really interested in this GOTD, given how I rely on the AI in Topaz Denoise, Luminar Neo, & Photoshop to restore old photo prints and negatives. For testing I used a photo I took a while back of a well exposed 35mm print, taken with my Olympus camera using an Olympus macro lens at 200 ISO, so there was very little if any noise from the digital photo. Opening the RAW file in PhotoIns, I had it do its thing, saving the result as an uncompressed tiff file. I then went through my usual routine, opening the RAW file in Photoshop, comparing the results zoomed in at 300X with & without the AI denoise in Photoshop Camera Raw, and with & without the use of Topaz AI Denoise. The image PhotoIns produced was roughly equivalent to using Topaz AI Denoise, and *maybe* a little bit better than the AI denoise in Camera Raw, though with fine tuning in Camera Raw it *might* have met or exceeded the PhotoIns results. While PhotoIns did also enhance the colors, contrast, and lightness / darkness levels, I don't feel those adjustments were really consequential -- you could easily do better making those sorts of adjustments yourself -- though I suppose it would be worthwhile if you didn't want to do any hands-on work editing.

PhotoIns itself is a 3 module app, offering enhancement [mainly denoise], which is what we're given today, plus an enlarger and a background remover. Note: at its current state of development AI is far from perfect making the object selections needed for background removal or swapping. If it works for the image you're editing [sometimes it won't], the quality will probably be good enough for a quick job headed for the web, but not anything requiring better quality. The only adjustment you can make in the enhancement mod of PhotoIns is the strength of the applied AI effects. You can save the results as a .tif, png, or jpg file.

PhotoIns, like most AI apps takes up lots of disk space -- 2.34GB. The GOTD download is a downloader, though when you get the key on Leawo's site you can also download the complete setup file, at 999MB. Installation isn't bad, adding the program's folder, plus folders in ProgramData, & Users\ [UserName]\ AppData\ Local and Roaming, and an empty folder in Users\ [UserName]\ Pictures\. The registry gets one new Leawo key. Uninstalling PhotoIns removes the Start Menu [& I assume Desktop] shortcut, along with all but one file from the program's folder -- everything else you need to do manually.

I had a fair amount of trouble getting Photoins to run properly once I installed it -- it had what IMHO was an odd problem. I'm using a 4k display with text at 120% & Win11's display scale at 150%. The PhotoIns window was abnormally large, and the overlay window that 1st appears, showing what's registered / licensed, and allowing you to enter a key, was unresponsive. I finally fixed it by changing the compatibility setting for High DPI scaling override = System. I've had other apps scale improperly before, but it's never effected their operation.

In summary, if you edit photos & don't have an app or plugin for AI denoise, and want/need one for free, today's GOTD is a keeper. If you're going to buy something, unless you're after a more or less hands free alternative, skip PhotoIns, if for no other reason than the controls it's missing will prove quite necessary for the best results.

Reply   |   Comment by mike  –  5 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

This program can significantly improve your photos. Follow the instructions and you'll immediately receive your licence key (I'm not even sure you need to enter a genuine e-mail address during the registration process?). You're downloading a stub installer from Giveawayoftheday...this in turn will download a very large installer file, which downloads to your Downloads/Leawo folder - I think you will want to delete this file once the program has successfully installed.

Reply   |   Comment by Simon  –  5 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Two major issues they need to resolve. 1) Allow user to select directory for completed enhanced photos 2) Provide ability for side to side comparison between original and enhanced photos. That being said, I did a batch of 71 recent photos and the software did a good job providing color enhancement and clarity. Fix those two issues have you have a winner.

One other issue concerning users of this website. For example today there were 5 thumbs down but not a single comment as to why they chose to give this software a thumbs down. If you're not going to provide informative input, don't bother to give it a thumbs down WITHOUT an explanation. Just my two cents and that's all it's worth.

Reply   |   Comment by Dennis W Comito  –  5 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+9)

When you open a single image the app displays the photo in a divided windows, showing before & after -- you can also drag the line dividing the 2 halves left & right, showing more or less of the original. The output dialog gives you the choice of file type, location, and name.

Reply   |   Comment by mike  –  5 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Dennis W Comito, the "User Rating" is given after seeing what the program does and the license terms. Many people may know the software and down-vote it. Or don't like the license terms. Not even worth going to the comments. It also can mean "Please Giveaway, don't offer stuff like this."
Giving only one day to pick up the software does NOT give enough time to test some software.
Often I just leave, no vote, no comment. Just don't want more of that kind of thing.

Reply   |   Comment by J. Stampfel  –  5 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)
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