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K-ML 4.6 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — K-ML 4.6

K-ML is a mailing list / newsletter manager.
$49.99 EXPIRED
User rating: 69 34 comments

K-ML 4.6 was available as a giveaway on November 27, 2012!

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This version fixes flaws in scripts found by two GOTD users. As a reward KC Softwares team is pleased to offer a NEW version of K-ML free of charge.

K-ML is a mailing list / newsletter manager. K-ML makes online marketing easier than any other tool.

With K-ML you can very easily manage large lists of contacts or customers and send them customized messages that fits their profile. K-ML supports HTML messages with images and sound, attachments, worldwide characters sets, priority levels... K-ML can also be embedded within a Web site for online (un)subscription (requires PHP).


  • Unlimited number of subscribers.
  • unlimited number of mailing lists.
  • Customizable messages.
  • HTML and attachments (Base64 encoded by K-ML for security).
  • SMTP Authentication.
  • Generate a PHP Web page for subscribtion/unsubscribtion.
  • Powerful professional double opt-in (confirmation) script.
  • Easy Web Site integration (requires PHP).
  • Automatically fetch new (un)subscribing (requires a FTP access).
  • Supports multiple profiles.
  • History record.
  • Can change the priority of the Email and even ask for an acknowledgement of receipt.

NB: commercial usage is allowed for this title.

System Requirements:

Windows 95, NT, 2000, XP (x32/x64), 98, ME, Server 2003 (x32/x64), Vista, 7


KC Softwares



File Size:

8.66 MB



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Developed by CyberLink Corp.
Developed by TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
Developed by Camshare Inc.
Developed by CounterPath Corporation

Comments on K-ML 4.6

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Please add a comment explaining the reason behind your vote.

I'm really sorry I missed the update that corrected the "bugs" in this software, since I'm an online marketer who could really use a program like this! Hopefully it will be offered again in the near future, with any corrections offered in a large enough time frame for people to take advantage of the corrected/updated version before the offer expires completely!

I know it's asking a lot, but would it be possible to still receive this under the terms of this giveaway? If this software ends up working well, I'd definitely be interested in becoming an affiliate! I already have email lists of thousands of people who are beginning marketers and would have use for a commercial mailer like this. Please contact me via the email address attached to this comment if you wish - I'd definitely be interested in exploring possibilities with regard to developing an affiliate relationship with your company!

Of course, it's important to understand how to use a commercial emailer like this PROPERLY, since ignorance of the rules concerning "spam" emails could end up being VERY COSTLY to the user - both financially and in terms of one's reputation online (both of which are intertwined together so tightly as to not be extricated from one another!)

Best of luck to you in your commercial endeavors, and thanks for the offer - even though I wasn't able to take full advantage of it due to the aforementioned "bugs." Looking forward to hearing from you!

Reply   |   Comment by Don Hill  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

the program still having the bugs, repeat, bugs. can't go for details now, but for now saying bugs in the mailing list maintenance and its usage. tk care.

Reply   |   Comment by debashis  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I have GMAIL SMTP but your setting does not allow me to select TLS so the email is failing.

Port used is 587.

Please guide how to go about it.

Reply   |   Comment by Ashish  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)


Sumo does have a bit of a .. history. Involving junkware like Relevant Knowledge "RK". While actually having decent software products.

They took the thread down that was on their forum. And Kyle would go back and forth with the Wilders crew on this.

Here is the one year long thread that covers the good the bad and the ugly.

SUMo : Keep your software up to date

I have not read the last few months. Personally, I was not satisfied with the explanations, even though there is no doubting that Kyle is sincere and a lot of folks work with the software fine.

Even if I can avoid all problems, I avoid any software that is likely to fool a lot of people into junque they do not need. Maybe Kyle has finally cleaned up this act, but the last time I checked I felt it was too slippery.


Reply   |   Comment by Steven Avery  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

@#11 - use port 465 for gmail

Reply   |   Comment by JJ  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

@#7- A midget is being chased through the streets of Prague. He dashes down a back alley and into a shop, jumps over the counter and asks the shopkeeper, "Quick, can you cache a small Czech?"

I made a double funny. Now, if I could only get today's give-away work.

Reply   |   Comment by JJ  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

There is nothing wrong with the spelling of "cheques" in the Share Your Ideas.

Reply   |   Comment by Frank  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Works for me! (Win 7 64) I've been able to recover many of the files on an external hard drive that I accidently dropped over 18 months ago! Great stuff!

Reply   |   Comment by Bohanka  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I didn't see auto-responder features listed; am I missing them as I explore the program or are they not included? Yes, there is the auto-subscribe feature, but does this allow you to set up a series of automatically-delivered introductory emails to a new subscriber, for example? This is a big feature of Aweber...hmmm.

Reply   |   Comment by rng  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

The serial number was rejected by setup routine; I then promptly uninstalled the program, since it was tremendously bogging down my system!

Reply   |   Comment by Waste O Time  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Like commenter #14, my serial number was continuously rejected by their setup screen, as well as inside the program itself; plus, after installing, my system ground to a virtual halt, and, now, roughly 1 hour plus later, I've uninstalled it via Control Panel, & can only now say "Good Riddance, Piece of Trash!!!"

Reply   |   Comment by Angrier Bydamoment  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

This program will not accept SMTP settings for Gmail (tested using various ports and even various gmail email accounts). The "test" fails every time. The "help" menu graphics don't match the current interface and there's no mention specifics for setting up Gmail settings. It does work with my private domain. The interface is very rudimentary, for those who care for a more modern look and easy-to-understand navigation. I still cannot figure out what the menu option "Username or password is missing or invalid" really means, as this was never an issue in my settings, nor is it addressed in the outdated help menu. There are NO templates or themes, so you have to create your own HTML template(s) and import them each time. The program also asked me for a separate text version of the email when I chose to send as HTML + Plain text, whereas I expected it to simply send a basic text version of my HTML email like other mailing list programs do. This program may be of some use, but I certainly wouldn't pay $50 for it. Good luck.

Reply   |   Comment by Elle  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Seems to work as advertised, however the "encryption" of the SMTP password in the registry was laughable (took me all of 2 seconds to figure it out...) I suppose if you don't know the original, it wouldn't be too bad, except that the email address uses the same "encryption..." knowing what you're looking at, you could VERY easily decrypt the password -- my opinion: don't use the same "encryption" on the email address - this would help a little bit.

I didn't have the same problems as #16 with test messages being caught in spam, but i used the "Use Microsoft Outlook as X-Mailer Mime parameter" option - maybe that helped?

I may use some of the features when/if i develop my own version down the road, but overall, I'm uninstalling.

Reply   |   Comment by Tim  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

is this software the same like GroupMail

Reply   |   Comment by kobus  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Somehow never saw this originally. Use a web-based autoresponder, but this could be useful for a small business I have with small lists. Going to try it as I do not need preprepared emails for my business but like to send quick emails when needed to set lists.

Thanks, GOTD. Wish there was a way to give feedback once one has really tested.

Reply   |   Comment by Desray  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

#10. Good point! The US is the only English-language country that writes 'checks'. Everyone else writes 'cheques'.

Consider: Do you have a check? or Do you have a cheque?

Reply   |   Comment by nowucba  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

To answer my own question for anyone else out there who may be waiting for this information, K-ML 4.6.420 installs with no problem on top of v. 4.5.x but does not recognize the previous activation key, so you have to use the new one GOTD and KC softwares provide in readme file.

Reply   |   Comment by internet explorer  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

#14 I had the same problem. Try this, type GiveAwayOfTheDay in the name box and then paste the serial number in the relevant box; it worked.

Reply   |   Comment by Ben  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Do I need to uninstall v. 4.5 before installing KML 4.6? Thank you.

Reply   |   Comment by internet explorer  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I downloaded and installed this and sent myself two test messages. Both were intercepted by my email provider and marked as spam. The text was "This is a test to myself using K-ML".

I have an older version of GroupMail so out of curiosity I sent myself identical emails to the same addresses that I used with K-ML. Both went through the filters with no problems. I don't even pretend to understand why this happened, but I think I'll uninstall K-ML unless someone has something to add.

Reply   |   Comment by JohnnyG  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+5)

@ #5 I've never used this software, have no need for it, but I have used "SUMo" and never experienced any malware with that download, installation or use.

Surf on over to an online scanner, such as "Virus Total" and see what they have to say about it. You may have to download the original file to get accurate results.

I wouldn't think that the GOTD people would be offering software that is riddled with Malware; just bad for business and their reputation.

Reply   |   Comment by JonE  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)

The given serial number does NOT function!

Can you give us a working one please.

Reply   |   Comment by G.  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

The program installed and registered very easily on W7X64. I ran several tests and it does most of what it claims however I was not able to generate a PHP Web page for subscribtion/unsubscribtion.

A few features which would make this program stand out would be:

To incorporate a graphic background without having to edit the HTML code.

To Be able to connect to an SFPT server.

When personalizing e-mails by giving the choice to input either the recipients first name or last name. At this time it inputs what ever name you use to identify the recipient.

As a free give-away for personal fun it's just OK.

Reply   |   Comment by gerrymar  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+5)

I am really confused by this SMTP ,login and password that comes in the SETUP thing. i could use this to send email, but how do i configure this.....???

Reply   |   Comment by busterman  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-4)

"Cheque" (as in writing or cashing a cheque) is also used in the US, though not as much as it use to be. Why most choose to use "check" in place of "cheque" makes no sense. In my opinion "check" should only be used in association with boxes and the process of validation.

Reply   |   Comment by Kilroy  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Re #5... Statements like this always send up red flags for me; the writers always seem to ignore the many variables involved when you install new software on a PC. They blame the latest program they installed when there could be many other causes for the problems they experience.

After reading #5's comments I did an install of IDPhotoStudio (which I assume the commenter meant). The program does indeed include adware BUT it does give you the opportunity to opt out. The install programs (there were two) ASKED if I wanted to change my browser homepage and search engine preferences, asked if I wanted to install Relevant Knowledge software, and didn't install anything covertly, as far as I can tell. I can only surmise that the commenter missed those screens during the install process. Moreover, AnVir Task Manager, which alerts me when a new program is added to startup, didn't flag any changes.

I can't comment on the other problems mentioned (denied access to msconfig and inability to run system restore). The moral of the story is... Keep an eye on your screen during any install process!

Reply   |   Comment by ziba  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+17)

Question/Suggestion to Developer:
In testing this software package I really don't want to spam my contacts with one or more trial runs,

Does this software package or Can you include in this package a dummy contact list, say unique Ids at you website, that when we send to the dummy contact list at your site we get a auto-reply stating 'Successful Trial'.

Also if the newsletter is sent to the dummy contact list & only the dummy contact list, automatically attach a copy of the script used for your review.

This would also provide you with information regarding usage of your program & may reveal some software/user flaws in malformed newsletters/scripts.

Thank you for Sharing,

Reply   |   Comment by Eric Haakenson  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+8)

Re "“Check” in the USA………..CHEQUES in the rest of the English speaking world!!!!!!"

And they use Czech in Czechosovakia ! Hey I made a funney!

Reply   |   Comment by Stortch  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

"Check" in the USA...........CHEQUES in the rest of the English speaking world!!!!!!

Reply   |   Comment by Gene  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+7)

This is comment by a Reality Check of August download of same. Is it still true for this version, provider?

Don’t try any of this company’s freeware products. They come with a ton of malware and garbageware they try to get you to install, they do not let you deselect all the malwate and they also install malware that are not even shown in their lists of garbageware and malware they want to install The one I tried-iDPhoto-crashed my computer, denied me access to make changes to msconfig, hijacked my browser homepage and search engine preference and did a totally hidden installation of relevant knowledge malware, as well as installing Babylon and some other unknown exe processes. When I tried to open system restore, the pc froze. This is windows7pc btw.

It took me numerous reboots into safe mode and ccleaner, revo uninstaller, trend micro housecall and a few other tools to finally get my pc (I hope!) clean again.

Reply   |   Comment by Ray  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+11)

Does not instals on my PC. Gives access violation in module setup.tmp messages. Had to use task manager to stop instalation.

Reply   |   Comment by mario  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-6)

Can anyone please tell me how to open the setup.gcd file? I am running 7zip and when I clicked on this file, it did not open. Also , which folder do I extract the files in exactly?

Reply   |   Comment by Leo  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-22)

Hi Leo,

just make sure to extract all the files to one folder. To launch the installation please run Setup.exe. There is no need in opening Setup.gcd as Setup.exe will do that job for you.

Thank you,
GOTD team

Reply   |   Comment by Giveaway of the Day project team  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+20)

wow, while i have no need of this newsletter program (i'm not into business), the program features listed by the developer is quite good.
among these are unlimited number of subscribers/mailing lists, and the allowed use of this software in a commercial setting.

kudos to gotd and kc softwares.

Reply   |   Comment by malachz  –  11 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+21)
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