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Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter 2.2.22 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter 2.2.22

Convert multiple PDFs to Word simultaneously.
$15.95 EXPIRED
User rating: 16 8 comments

Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter 2.2.22 was available as a giveaway on February 7, 2024!

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Convert multiple PDFs to Word simultaneously.
Maintain layout, fonts, and images during conversion.
Preview and choose specific pages or ranges for conversion.
Intuitive and easy-to-use for all users.
Quick and accurate conversion results.
Protect sensitive information during conversion.

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10/ 11





File Size:

17.3 MB

Licence details:




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Developed by Microsoft
Developed by pdfforge GmbH
Developed by PDF-XChange Co. Ltd
Developed by Acro Software Inc.

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Dear all GOTD users,
Firstly, many thanks to the GOTD team for providing us with 
this opportunity, and to you all for taking part in this Giveaway 
of the Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter.
To give you a better understanding of this Giveaway, here are some tips for you.
How to Take Part in This Giveaway:
1. Download Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter from the GOTD promotion page.
2. Follow the onscreen prompts to install and register the software with the
 license code. Coolmuster PDF to Word Converter works perfectly in both 
the Giveaway version and the Full version. 
50% Discount Coupon Code for GOTD users: CoolmusterGOTD
User Guide:

Contact Us:
Have any questions or suggestions about the software? Please leave it here
 or contact our Support Team via email at support@coolmuster.com.
Coolmuster Team

Reply   |   Comment by Coolmuster  –  21 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-1)

I've tried using the download link; having a download link sent to my email; going directly to the Coolmuster site to download; using the Coolmuster link in comment #1 below... Moreover, I took these steps in 3 different browsers.

In none of these scenarios - and probably a few I forgot to mention - was I able to achieve a download of the software...

Too bad really, this specific software niche is a difficult one for which to find good software.


Reply   |   Comment by Rich  –  20 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

I also tested this software on several PDFs with a mix of photos, drawings, signatures and of course, text. Unfortunitly I experienced mixed results and was not satisfied overall. My results are diappointing but to be honest, not unusual. Most of the programs I've tested act about the same way. Basicly, the software does not differenciate text from photos because it does not appear to employ OCR features. So, in many cases you can't edit the document properly in Word (becasue the entire page is treated as a graphic). This did not happen in all cases, but since this happened to me in two instances, I conclude this softeware doesn't meet my needs.

Reply   |   Comment by jc  –  21 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+6)

Downloaded and installed perfectly. Like Dennis I couldn't get drop and drag to work either but was able to select a file without any problem. Sadly the function I was hoping it would possess is missing. If you are unable to search on the original PDF you will not be able to search on the converted docx version either. I suppose I was expecting too much for it to have the necessary OCR function included. That said, I was impressed with the conversion and for me it will be a keeper.

Reply   |   Comment by Colin  –  21 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Converted a rather complex document with many graphics, etc. I have to admit, this software does the best job I've seen. All the graphics were correctly placed and it completed the conversion very quickly. I couldn't get the drag and drop a file to function, so I opened the directory and selected the file, which worked as it should. I would have to rate this an A-, since the drag and drop didn't work. At the end of the Giveaway period I'm going to order the software, it's that good!

Reply   |   Comment by Dennis  –  21 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

Dennis, Any OCR?

Reply   |   Comment by TK  –  21 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

As far as I could understand, this is a one year license, correct?

Reply   |   Comment by mario  –  21 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Hindi Language Conversion Check please

Reply   |   Comment by vijayathwani  –  21 days ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-4)
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