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Bandicam Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Bandicam

Bandicam is high performance Game, Video, and Desktop recording software - High-quality, Less Lag/CPU/HDD usage.
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Bandicam was available as a giveaway on May 10, 2011!

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Aplus File Splitter and ReJoiner can easily split big files to smaller size.

Bandicam allows you to record high-quality Game and Desktop videos with less Lag/CPU/HDD usage. You can record WOW, Minecraft, iTunes, YouTube, PowerPoint, Webcam, Skype, Video chatting, Streaming video and desktop screen without lagging.

Bandicam can record video at resolutions up to 2560×1600 in high quality (1080p full HD video can be made) and you can upload the recorded file to YouTube without converting - the recorded file size is extremely smaller than other software (1/20). Due to Bandicam supports AVI 2.0, the maximum file size is unlimited as long as the local Hard Disk has free space available (Over 7days recording).

Today the Developer is going to reward 3 best improvement suggestions with a life time license. So share your valuable ideas and win the prize! Use Idea Informer widget to submit your feedback and do not forget to fill in your name and e-mail – otherwise the Developer will not be able to contact you in case you are the one to win!

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7





File Size:

5.74 MB



Comments on Bandicam

Installed and activated on Win7 Pro 32bit.
Note there is no serial number in the readme - Bandicam has been pre-registered.

IMPORTANT: You must run Setup.exe as Administrator (or an account with Administrator privileges) - otherwise the registration/activation details will not 'stick'.

The about box when registered - http://i.imgur.com/8IGGg.jpg

I suggest clicking on "Update Check" and turning off the automatic update check - so a newer version isn't installed and thus invalidating the giveaway.

Reply   |   Comment by BuBBy  –  May 10th, 2011 at 07:00 am
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"Bandicam can record video at resolutions up to 2560×1600 in high quality and you can upload to YouTube without converting " I don't think so, i have recorded a HD video up to 1080p, but when i upload it to Youtube, which doesn't work any more. I must first trim the video and convert it to flv video. At last, i uploaded the HD video to youtube.com successfully.

Reply   |   Comment by markeloff  –  May 10th, 2011 at 07:34 am
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Can i use this too record Call of duty mw2?
because i have fraps but will this do the job without having laggs?

Reply   |   Comment by Name24owns  –  May 10th, 2011 at 07:50 am
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