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Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper

Beautiful gold fish swim around your desktop in this underwater adventure!
User rating: 254 27 comments

Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper was available as a giveaway on July 5, 2014!

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Maybe if you give these little goldfish enough time they might grown into huge koi! Not likely, but you will still enjoy the natural beauty of the aqua scene day after day. It is so relaxing and peaceful. Don’t fall asleep at your desk!

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8





File Size:

10.7 MB



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Comments on Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper

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Thanks for every other magnificent post. Where else could anybody get that type of information in such
an ideal way of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I'm at the search
for such information.

Reply   |   Comment by jacket with hoodie  –  8 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

@ Bob: In C:\Program Files (x86), you should find a Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper folder containing the aquarium_full.exe. Right click on it to create a shortcut on your desktop.

Reply   |   Comment by ouialaraison  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Animated Wallpaper??

Thanks for the offer, anyway.

Reply   |   Comment by JohnBoy  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-4)

Nice aquarium background, but it is just a picture. All the fish look exactly the same and tend to look like they're bouncy little fish balls. No mouth movement, or a more natural swimming movement. Cute, but not quite realistic, your child will love it.

Reply   |   Comment by Xanonite  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

@ 3 - Karl : This overlay effect seems to happen sometimes under certain configurations, but, normally, the opacity of the wallpaper is 100%.
@ 8 – Heavy Water: Some other animated aquariums feature the improvements you suggest, but they are programs much more sophisticated than Desktop Paints’ Animated Wallpaper Maker with which this wallpaper has been made.
@ 10 – Entruchio: Sorry, dude, but I demand the right to waste a minimum amount of time daily on entirely unproductive activities (including staring stupidly at a virtual goldfish on a screen if I don’t feel like going out), so that I can be efficient the rest of the time. This is probably why my computer and I are not 24x24 “useful to the world”… But who is?
@ 13 – Bob: If you kept the default locations during setup, you should find in the Start Menu a Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper folder containing the shortcut. If not, try reinstalling.
@ 19 – NoName: Thanks for your appreciation. Did you try “Stretch” or “Fill” in the settings? (But I admit the definition of these animations is not exactly HD…)

Reply   |   Comment by ouialaraison  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+6)

Needs a helluva lot of work for this so-called "animation" to succeed: dumping a number of goldfish onto the desktop, every one of which is identical in shape, size and coloration to the other, and every one of which 'animates' in identical fashion regardless of motion, direction or perspective, is tedium exemplified. If the developer can't manage to individualise the goldfish or their movements, then really, a set of identical bouncing balls going across the screen would be just as good. Thanks GOTD, but uninstalled: there are far superior examples of aquarium animated wallpapers out there, including a free version of the best one of 'em all: just Google for it.

Reply   |   Comment by MikeR  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)

For those of you with AVG; disable it for 10 minutes to install. If you don't AVG will tell you that it is a trojan & absolutely won't let you use this software. GAOTD software is tested to be Clean all the time.

Reply   |   Comment by BeLaran  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-5)

Additional comment to mine at #7: Should you decide to uninstall it I strongly suggest using CCleaner's uninstall program (found under its "tools" heading. Otherwise it is not a total uninstall--file remnants were left behind when I used the Gold Fish uninstaller--I got a window alert it was not a clean uninstall.

Reply   |   Comment by hsulli  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+11)

Thank you GAOTD for this offer.

One of their products DP Animation maker is a great program, which enables producing amazing scenes (limited only by one's creativity).My family enjoys this program immensely, and I love this company's helpful service and quick responses. This is a great company, irrespective of where they are located.

Reply   |   Comment by drvajra  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-11)

Does not cover my screen when using my resoltuion of 1900 x 1080. Maximum res seems to be 1360 x 768. same goes for the other offer on this page by ouialaraison. (looks nice ouialaraison ) t.b.h both are however not up to par for a HD / High res screen

Reply   |   Comment by NoName  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+5)

Downloaded on Vista, self-registered okay & opened fine. Be sure your firewall is temp. disabled--my Norton's sonar kept interfering because of setup.exe file name. My desktop with fish swimming shows NO blurred icons or missing labels as someone else reported experiencing. Looks soothing but I tired fast of identical mini pool ball stomachs of fish.

DON'T right-click "refresh" on desktop! I just now did it and the screen showed all my icons moved & rearranged inside a large blank box while fish kept swimming around the edges. Not nice behavior. Uninstalling now.

Reply   |   Comment by hsulli  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+4)

Have not downloaded or installed, but both would be more likely if the developer had a simple video file of the screensaver I could look at. Just a thought. Thanks.

Reply   |   Comment by Exploro  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-2)

Cute. Using Direct X & your graphics hardware, Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper does not have the higher level of detail or realism of the latest high-end games, but then it doesn't consume a lot of resources either -- with an AMD 7870, Afterburner showed periodic spikes in GPU usage to 4%. Process Explorer showed CPU use at 0.19 % with an i7 2600k.

Process Explorer also showed Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper using Internet Explorer, for those who don't have it installed & working.

That said, there were a couple things I found puzzling: Monitoring the install in a win7 32 bit VM, win7's registry went nuts with hundreds of thousands of new registry entries. I've seen this happen from time to time, and all indications are that those added entries are very temporary, but it's unusual with such a simple app [only one file] & install routine. 2nd, copying that single file to my regular win7 64 install to monitor GPU use, I recorded all changes made to the registry when Gold Fish Animated Wallpaper was run. It added itself to 1 of the registry's Run keys [you can turn that on/off in the settings], which is no big deal, but RegShot 2 recorded a string of characters appended after the file name -- "aquarium2_full.exe ﴀ 瀸癳﵌涑癳浑癳鐁鑟 আ @$ p ". Those characters do not show up in Regedit, but then characters the registry considers illegal won't. It's probably nothing since Desktop Paints etc. has been around for a while, but I've never seen that sort of thing before.

Reply   |   Comment by mike  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+15)

Runs then crashes Windows Explorer. Uninstalled :(

Reply   |   Comment by Mark  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

This company has also created a great screensaver during the CHRISTMAS (xmas does not exist) season.

Reply   |   Comment by jskryp  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-9)

Very clean, very nice animated wallpaper (not a screensaver!) for those who like something more than a static background on their desktop. The "Icon Smoothing" setting solves the problem of blurry icons, but it's also easy to simply turn off the icons for the best appearance (turning them on and off is a trivial one-click option in the settings).

Performance impact is negligible and priority is selectable. Easy, fast install, and even the startup screen can be turned off. Never needs to be fed or cleaned, and won't die and float to the top while you're on vacation.

Reply   |   Comment by Gary Fisher  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

hmmmm...if you're going to run something like that why would you
have desktop icons still exposed?...why not 'hide' your desktop icons
till they are needed

Reply   |   Comment by walt  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+7)

Why? Why? Why?

No! No! No!!!!

Three thumbs down. Surely the entire world has moved past desktops. Even animated ones.

Give me all the negative points you want folks, but the fact is that the world needs less of this waste of drive space. If you're looking at an animated desktop, you're not working. So turn the computer off and go outside and get some fresh air!

If you really feel the need to use your computer's downtime, look at SETI@home http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/ or far more useful to the world, folding@home http://folding.stanford.edu/

Reply   |   Comment by Entruchio  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-30)

I have Windows XP - icons with this wallpaper look AWFUL, simply awful. Uninstalled.

Reply   |   Comment by Lag  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+2)

I love these wallpapers (and screensavers. Keep 'em coming. Despite always getting a massive negative vote, there is a large crowd of community members who love these unnecessary toys. Much better than a static wallpaper and entertaining too. :)

It would have been better if there was more than one type of goldfish. All goldfish look like clones.

To the developer, I'd add a configuration entry allowing the user to adjust the number of goldfish on screen at any one time, also some slight color variation and size between the goldfish. Add a couple of different backgrounds and the ability to feed the goldfish or tap the aquarium via the mouse to either scatter or attract the fish.

Otherwise an okay animated wallpaper.

Reply   |   Comment by Heavy Water  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+9)

Hi, If you want anything moving on your desktop and still being abled to see all icons/carry on working on whatever - then Animated Wallpaper is your answer (rather than ordinary screensaver) When installed from this Company - little blue screen icon that sits in a tray till is exited has few further setting and options (right-click) Autorun on Windows startup is probably a bad idea, so make sure that's ticked off.

I'm not sure what to make of this particular 'natural' aqua scene setting showing 5 golfish looking exactly the same (size and everything else).., looks like Designer fell asleep at the desk after creating the first goldfish??:)

Reply   |   Comment by fran  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+3)

Really simple and very cute.Installed easily and the colors are realistic.I like that it doesn't have a bunch of unnecessary junk.

Reply   |   Comment by Sable  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+6)

installed without problem. once the wallpaper starts it makes your desktop icons blur and a little miss aligned. also first alphabet of each icon on the left side line is also not visible. uninstalled it.

Reply   |   Comment by tariq  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+26)

Animatedwallpaper7 (or awallpapermill) seems to have been incorporated to market animated wallpapers made with Desktop Paints’ Animated Wallpaper maker (offered here several times) with which you can make your own animations, which is much more fun – and much cheaper - than buying them readymade, IMHO.
Desktop Paints is a Russian Company based in St Petersburg, for those who are interested:


To give you an idea, here you can download my own aquarium made with Desktop Paints software:
(Animated wallpaper and screensaver homemade with Desktop Paints’ programs found here. Heavy because of the two mp3 included, but 100% clean)

Reply   |   Comment by ouialaraison  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+30)

Installed without problems on a Win8.1Pro 64 bit system. The software comes preregistered.

A company without name and address.

The software is from 2012.

Well ... depending on your existing wallpaper you either see something or you see nothing. You can recognize some of your buttons on the desktop or it is a search in muddy water. This software does not replace (in my case Win 8.1?)the wallpaper but overlay the existing wallpaper. And there is no way to change this or to change transparency.

A much to simple made "aquarium" in version 2 - there are better ones, real good one. Maybe one of your children will have some fun with this.

Uninstalled via reboot.

Reply   |   Comment by Karl  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+24)

Incidentally, their lil' house in the snow by a stream is wonderful at Xmas time!

Reply   |   Comment by Skye-hook  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-5)

A very nice wallpaper! Runs great on Win 8. Looks realistic & animations do also. I actually had it already, but wasn't sure by just the name so got it now. It's red & white fancy goldfish, in nice aquarium.
One odd thing is that when you click to see other anim. wallpaper from there, I got a warning that it's a reported dangerous site. I don't recall if I got any malware from the site before, so can't advise on that. If I did I obviously didn't know that's where it came from. Be wise is all I can say. And remember that not all sites that give you a warning are really bad. Some people report it as bad if there's a price & they thought it was free. I think I have 3 anim wallpapers from there, so...it is probably safe. My anti-virus didn't warn me, not sure what did. Maybe Advanced System Care or Glary Utilities, dunno.
Thank you, awallpapermill! :)

Reply   |   Comment by Skye-hook  –  9 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+28)
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