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How do I do my homework? The main thing to remember is that you should definitely use Proofreading My Paper , because this way you will be sure of your work . 1. Rank the tasks according to their importance and due dates When writing down tasks in your diary during the week, mark urgent and non-urgent, priority and non-priority tasks. A task that is due the next day has priority over a task that needs to be completed by the following Tuesday. Also, do the larger tasks first, and then do the smaller ones. 2. Start your homework right after school. If you put things off until late at night, you may end up working late - and it's harder for a person to work quickly when he's tired. It is also not worth putting off lessons in the morning - you will either oversleep or fail to do all the tasks in time or you will make mistakes in a hurry. 3. Take breaks. You won't get work done faster if you sit at it for hours on end without resting. Every 25 minutes or so, take a break for five minutes to walk around, stretch and give your mind and body a chance to rest. 4. Don't forget to eat and drink water While working on your tasks, snack on light healthy foods and drink plenty of water to energise your brain and body. Sodas and crisps are best saved for a meeting with friends, but green tea, fruit or cereal bars are good snacks to have during class. Eat in the kitchen instead of your exercise books so you don't mess up your homework. 5. After you finish your homework, do something enjoyable This works as a reward and motivation to get your work done sooner. Plan to go to a friend's house, play your favourite computer game, eat something nice. When you remember that there is a pleasant activity waiting for you after you have done your homework, it motivates you to work faster and more efficiently.