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Giveaway of the Day - Paragon Drive Copy 11 Compact (English Version)

Paragon Drive Copy 11 Compact

May 25, 2011
This giveaway is not available any more.

You no longer need to spend hours performing tedious, complicated re-installations when upgrading your PC. Take all the best from the system you’re used to – and simply move it to the new hard drive. The operation requires no system restart and is completely safe for your data. You can continue working on your computer until the migration is over, and then – your new hard disk is the exact duplicate of your old one, with all your software ready to go.

Drive Copy 11 Compact includes handy intuitive wizard which performs fast and safe Windows migrations to new Solid State Drives and even downsizes to smaller capacity drives, thanks to advanced new data exclusion capabilities. You can transfer a live system with no impact to your work, and have your partitions automatically aligned in the process if needed.

Use Drive Copy 11 Compact for fast, efficient computer migrations!

Key features:

  • Clones an entire HDD or a particular partition in one simple operation;
  • Migrates Windows to Solid State Drives (even with smaller capacity) in a single operation;
  • Migrates hard disk to container;
  • Proportionally resizes partitions during migration to a larger hard drive;
  • Automatically aligns partitions on the destination disk if necessary;
  • Automatically detects and copies MSR (Microsoft System Reserved) for successful migrations of Windows 7;
  • Allows the user to exclude data during the process in order to fit the destination disk;
  • Includes Paragon’s time-proven move/resize functionality.

Limitations of Compact Edition:

Paragon Drive Copy 11 Compact is based on Professional Edition, excluding the following functionality:

  • WinPE Recovery CD (Linux-based Recovery CD is included into the product)
  • Creating virtual clone of your PC (P2V operations)
  • Adjusting OS to different hardware (P2P operations)
  • Migration to 3TB drives
  • Scheduling and scripting

Please see more features, usage scenarios and detailed product information at Paragon Drive Copy 11 Professional website.

Technical Support: During the Giveaway period Paragon Software provides technical support at Please, post your questions if you have any troubles while downloading, registering and using the software. Paragon Software’s support team will reply you as soon as possible.

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  • 325 (40%)
System Requirements: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 (x32/ x64); Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher; Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent, with 300 Mhz processor clock speed; 256 MB of RAM (512+ recommended)
Publisher: Paragon Software
File Size: 104 MB
Price: $ 39.95

This software was available as a giveaway on May 25, 2011, this giveaway is not available any more.

You can download the trial version of this software at

Terms and conditions

Please note that the software you download and install during the Giveaway period comes with the following important limitations: 1) No free technical support; 2) No free upgrades to future versions; 3) Strictly personal usage.


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  1. Thanks!

    I was waiting for that. Have just bought a SSD-Hard drive yesterday with a smaller memory(only 128 gb) than my old HD (250 gb), because of the high priced SSD drives .

    The problems with cloning before, was the size of the new SSD drive should be minimum the same size, as the one you want to clone. I understand that to days giwe a way, eliminate this problem.

    So i look forward to change my HD to night.

    Comment by cgp — May 25th, 2011 at 3:21 am
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  2. what happend when my system will corupt and I could not reinstal this software?

    Comment by Tom — May 25th, 2011 at 3:28 am
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  3. Price listed is the listed price for the professional edition of this software NOT the compact edition, so were not getting an accurate offering today i.e. fully licensed comercial package.

    As far as I read their website there is no “Compact” edition on sale on their website making this a fake giveaway especially if GAOTD are being charged full license fee for the Profesional edition which this clearly is not with all the missing features:

    “Paragon Drive Copy 11 Compact is based on Professional Edition, excluding the following functionality:

    •WinPE Recovery CD (Linux-based Recovery CD is included into the product)
    •Crating virtual clone of your PC (P2V operations)
    •Adjusting OS to different hardware (P2P operations)
    •Migration to 3TB drives
    •Scheduling and scripting”

    The usual Special Edition (SE) Paragon offer only remove WinPE from GAOTD package leaving mostly fully functional product underneath but this one removes some pretty fundimental features as well making it essentially crippleware compared to the fully licensed comercial product it’s pricing it as.

    Comment by TK — May 25th, 2011 at 3:38 am
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