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Increases your system performance by making more memory available for your applications and the operating system.
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TweakRAM 6.3 was available as a giveaway on January 3, 2009!

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TweakRAM is a handy memory optimizer tool that will keep your computer running faster and efficiently. It increases your system performance by making more memory available for your applications and the operating system.

TweakRAM defragments your computer's memory, increasing the efficiency of your CPU and Motherboard caches, recovers memory leaks from poorly behaved applications, flushes unused libraries temporarily out to disk and so on. By all this optimization tricks your favorite applications and games will run faster and efficiently even on old computers.

Using this RAM optimizer utility your computer will achieve superior performance. There is no need to buy additional expensive memory for your computer. TweakRAM will defragment system memory for faster access time. TweakRAM doesn't modify your system in any way and your system will be even more stable with TweakRAM installed.

No matter how much physical memory you have, TweakRAM will help keep your computer running faster and efficiently.

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 and Vista


Elcor Software



File Size:

2.62 MB



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No, I'm sorry Andy, I can't agree. The developer explained what he did on a particular post on another forum and it uses a built in Windows function, EmptyWorkingSet, to simulate the type of purging of memory that occurs when you minimize a Window. That occurs because the process tell Windows you're not currently interacting with it, so Windows reduces the working set to a bare minimum. EmptyWorkingSet sets the process to zero by calling on PSAPI.dll. The process then reloads only what is necessary. For example, some applications need certain processes only to open, then no longer need them. These processes won't be recalled, because they'll never be needed again in this session. This is basically just making use of one of Windows built in memory management functions.

Where I and the cleanmem developer were wrong was in saying that these processes are not purged to the swap file. Where the critics of this are wrong is in assuming that means that these processes will absolutely have to be recalled resulting in a lot of disk thrashing. Processes you'll don't need anymore will NEVER be recalled in that session. Better to store them in the page file than in RAM. Without seeing your 420 lines of code, I made the educated guess that your program wouldn't respond to the action generated by that call. (Is it a program if it does nothing but take up memory? You said yourself, "My bad code".) I see no reason to revise my assessment.

Here's a much better explanation than I could ever give:

Reply   |   Comment by watcher13  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

#93 irrelevant program! Or more of a document!

I omitted code to make it more readable, do you really want to see 420 lines of C++. I simply wrote a program which will request some available memory, then fail to ask for it to be released. The OS by the way has no means by which it can say that memory allocated to an application is no longer needed, the application determines when it has finished with memory. The OS does not say, "ok, that's it, your 10 minutes of memory allocation is up".

All I did was to test something which was claimed by the developer, something which I believe not to be true.

25 years of programming experience. C++, Oracle and assembler by the way.

Reply   |   Comment by AndyPandy  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Now you're just being dishonest. People CAN READ your original post you know... it's still here! #48 to be exact!

What you actually said in your original post:

>regardless if it’s freemem pro, Cleanmem, or TweakRAM, or any of the countless hundreds of memory >optimizers out there, THEY DO NOT DO WHAT THEY CLAIM TO DO.

You plainly state Cleanmem does not do what it claims to do and you are flat out wrong.

>so when an “optimizer” runs some do actually flush RAM, but as previously posted it is flushed to the >page file and then it has to be reloaded by the operating system

Again this is false. It may be true for most but Cleanmem does not flush the memory to a page file!

>so argue if you must, download and use if you want, but the facts are googleably plain, Memory >Optimizers are a hoax and junk software.

The facts are certainly not "googleably?? plain" and while it may be true that most memory optimizers are hoaxes and/or junk software. Cleanmem is neither!

>I did in fact download and run your highly touted program, of which I googled it looking for reviews and >pretty much found nothing but repeating download descriptions, and with a 3 gig 2.4gHz core2 quad cpu, >recieved no performance change at all and recieved 800mb of ram back, for about 1 minute, I tested it >with a spread sheet, a paint program, a browser, a file manager in addition to the many back ground >applications and utilities that run constantly.

Recovering 800 MB's is a good thing isn't it... particularly if it's a memory leak? Now you've tried it and you KNOW IT WORKS but instead of admitting you were wrong you're still trying to smear Cleanmem by mentioning this BOGUS "one minute" thing. You know for a fact you used the application again that was holding the memory previous to it being flushed by Cleanmen in that period of time and it took the memory back which is what it's supposed to do yet you're trying to twist that into something bad which is really pathetic. If you hadn't used the application again for a longer period of time that 800 MB's would have remained free until you did be it an hour, two, three... whatever and you know that.

>so where it may be true this program “flushes” unused memory back into the memory pool, it does not >make a difference of much import to a new 21st century computer system., and as previously stated by >others with agreeing statements, on new systems with 1gig or more of ram, any kind of memory >“boosting” software is pretty much worthless and anyone who buy’s it is being scammed

Again you're wrong on all accounts except admitting that Cleanmem does in fact flush unused memory back into the pool! It is also not the memory "boosting" software you mention. It simply flushes unused memory including "memory leaks."

To sum up what was actually said my most of the others here including you:

1. Memory Optimizers do not work... they're a scam.
False! True for most perhaps but not Cleanmen.

2. Memory Optimizers flush the memory to a page file and slow your computer down.
False! True for most but not Cleanmem.

3: Memory Optimizers use all your memory to do what they do causing a major performance hit on your computer.
False! True for most but not Cleanmem.

4: Memory Optimizers do not improve the performance of your computer.
True for once! Nevertheless I never said they did!

I will conclude with the most misleading statement made by you and several others.

5: On a modern 21st Century computer with large amounts of RAM this type of application is not needed.
False, False and False! "Memory Leaks" are a fact of life and they can cause serious issues like application crashes, game crashes and machine crashes. Many modern "apps" and "games" have memory leaks just like their predecessors and I don't foresee this problem every going away as long as people are coding software.

It doesn't matter how modern your computer is or how much RAM you have! That's irrelevant! A memory leak is still a memory leak and they are problematic. NO computer, old or new, can prevent them thus any computer can benefit using Cleanmem to free up the memory that's never going to be released by the applications or games themselves which may prevent the aforementioned app, game and machine crashes.

Reply   |   Comment by Syd Barett  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

One last post to try and clear up misinformation from those who DON'T know. #83 - AndyPandy's program is irrelevant. Some of the optimizers use routines built into windows to remove processes that are no longer being used. These modules - code modules and applets, not full programs - are still there because the developer of the program you just closed didn't use the routines right or a debatable decision was made about what should still be left in memory. Andy's program - actually more of a document - is designed to stay in memory by telling the system that it's open and IN USE. Try finding an optimizer that will close Windows so you can get ALL your memory back. In other words, an irrelevant example.

Many of these programs slow down your PC because there also written poorly, but not all do. Yes, the new OSs, especially the NT family, manage memory well enough that they don't really need an optimizer. But many of the programs you run do, that's why meowzz - 91 - can receive the results she did. Though they're not typical.

No - again - to those who say all memory is meant to be used. Yes, it's meant to be used, but by needed processes, not dead processes you're no longer using.

None of these really optimize anything. They can help a little to ward off the slow downs, freezes, and crashes from high memory usage.

I'm still waiting for those donations from the people who tell everybody else to buy things. Seems they're not THAT generous with their money. I've haven't seen an issue here - not even screensavers - where more intelligent people wrote more nonsense because they were determined to make one size fit all. From what you read here, TweakRAM can work for some, but there are clearly better alternatives, including buying RAM if you can.

Reply   |   Comment by watcher13  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Nice to see da@#57 referencing the article written by Jeremy Collake at Bitsum Technologies...... the said same author of the Process Lasso program which I referenced in my posting at #43.

Reply   |   Comment by Bettersafethansorry  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

A little late with commenting but hey, maybe it'll be useful to someone, if only the developers.

Okay, I am just shocked with this program. After reading a bunch of comments it looked like another useless program. I'm willing to try though as this particular computer has almost always had memory issues. (Slightly older Dell laptop, XP, maxed out on RAM @ 1.5GB)

I've tried many types of software for these memory issues in the past ranging from Norton Systemworks to little tweaky programs even more obscure than this one. The best so far was actually a side feature of a program called "Powerstrip" and the built in memory freeing feature was NOT supposed to work with anything above a 16k system - but it would, in a pinch, free up just that little bit - enough maybe to save a file that wouldn't otherwise save for example.

Well, this program, TweakRAM, installed and activated just fine on Windows XP. I ran the program and nothing changed. Then I realized that its default was to sort of read how much memory was already free and use that as the "free up X amount of memory" number. At the time I had only 258MB of free memory. So I took it off auto-free and moved the slider over just a little to 350mb and hit "go". Whoa! Sure enough, suddenly I had 350mb of free ram! And it did NOT take it from increasing load on swap file or virtual memory!

Okay, experimented further - moved slider to 500mb - now I had 500mb free! Woo hoo! Now I could save the text file I'd left open as there wasn't memory enough to save it! (Yes, some of us really do keep on using such a machine if we overall like the machine! LOL!)

Okay, getting really daring now - moved the slider all the way over to 615mb! WOW! Yes, it worked and not only that, it seems to have even freed up a bit extra as I now have 753mb of free memory! For this computer that is incredible!

I then moved slider bar to 800mb - over half this computer's memory. Had at the time many things open and running: 11 instances of IE, Yahoo messenger, 4 text files, a few background processes. Well, it didn't free up the full 800mb but it did give me 777MB of free memory despite running all that!

With all the things I've tried in the past, I am so surprised this has done anything! For me anyways, this one's a keeper!

It does make me wonder though - maybe this program is somehow highly specialized in that it DID work on this machine where nothing else has yet for others here it did virtually nothing. Maybe there is a super narrow line of machines this will do any good for and this one just happens to fall into that group. At any rate, I am glad to discover this program and amazed something has worked on this computer at all!

Reply   |   Comment by meowzz  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Not cool....thats the exact same icon as the Activity Monitor on all apple computers.

Reply   |   Comment by justin  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Well Its not working for me…After using this software my memory usage is increased by 1 %..See the screen shot here


Reply   |   Comment by Aniruddh  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Cheap ram? Ebay! Brand names, legit products, legit sellers, insane prices. I am now overloaded with new and barely used 1gb dimms since I stocked up on 2gb paired and single sticks for work, home, friends desktops and laptops, never pay more than 20.00 with free shipping, you can get kingston/hynix, corsair, ocz, pny, crucial and some no-name stuff they should give away for free. I can start selling my 1gbs now for 5.00 a stick on ebay if I like... Newegg is still great till you get to the shipping costs, same for other tried and true retail dot coms, so ebay is your friend, at least for now..

Reply   |   Comment by gmon  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I wont even consider using this program, as one of the 1st posts said, it slows down your computer instead of making it better. I have win xp sp3 with 5 GB RAM, no, not 526 MB, I mean actually 5 GB ram, this program would work and help me if it worked better than it currently does.

I could do with a really good memory/ram manager, but this junk isn't it. You can try it if you want, but basically just using Task manager is much easier "Ctrl + Alt + Del" as for the memory manager, well a simple look at the My Computer screen in the Start menu and righ clicking your hard drive which is usually c:/ right click the drive icon and select properties, it will show you how much space you have on hard drive etc.

Any program I have found under $20.00 I have found seems to do m,ore harm than good, in most cases and this is one of them.


Also GAOTD when are you going to stop posting this program, I check this site daily and I must see this atleast once a month, boy isn't anyone getting sick of the repeated junk, how about something really worth it such as DVD Fab or DVD XCopy or maybe an Ashampoo Burning Studio or many of Ashampoo's other excellent programs, they would leap at a software promoter like GAOTD



Reply   |   Comment by Alison Black  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Mr. Barret

has anyone ever told you you have a piss poor attitude? no? well you do.
you go around calling names and insulting people because they do not agree with what your spewing fourth.

in NONE of my posts did I ever mention that I was an expert, or a Guru, as you so kindly called me, I started with computers in the very early 90's and have worked with them off and on since then, I am also A+ certified, which in it's self says only that I can hold my own in the computing community.

and as for how long I have been alive, and how much you may or may not have learned or forgotten, is pretty much a foolish statement and further proof of your bad attitude, you have no idea how old I am, merely because I have been in computers for only 15 years, for all you know I started at age 60 or 70, and for all you know I could now be a Dr. in computer sciences with masters in hardware and software.
never "assume" anything other wise you live up to the spelling of the word.

the fact of the matter is however I am in my mid 40's have a degree from a school in Richmond VA in Computer technology, a certificate in industrial electronics from a school in ohio, the afore mentioned A+ certification and the 15 years experiance as a technician, business owner and of course a pc user, which qualifys me to be a poor speller, state various personal oppinions, treat other oppinons politely, and to feely tell jerks like you where, how fast and how far to stick their nasty insulting attitudes.

you apparently did not read my post very well as I said that some "optimizers" do exactly what you claim Cleanmem does, and that is to dump out the left behind garbage that some programs and windows it's self does quite frequently

how ever just like screen savers, unless you have an old system with less than 512mb of ram on it, you do not need them and they do not improve performance enough even to notice.

I did in fact download and run your highly touted program, of which I googled it looking for reviews and pretty much found nothing but repeating download descriptions, and with a 3 gig 2.4gHz core2 quad cpu, recieved no performance change at all and recieved 800mb of ram back, for about 1 minute, I tested it with a spread sheet, a paint program, a browser, a file manager in addition to the many back ground applications and utilities that run constantly.

so where it may be true this program "flushes" unused memory back into the memory pool, it does not make a difference of much import to a new 21st century computer system., and as previously stated by others with agreeing statements, on new systems with 1gig or more of ram, any kind of memory "boosting" software is pretty much worthless and anyone who buy's it is being scammed

Reply   |   Comment by David  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Memory optimisers - a throwback to earlier PC days when a gigabyte was simply unheard of, even a handful of Mb was extreme, and people just wanted more. Sure, you run these programs and more RAM appeared to be available. That was until you bring up a minimised window and re-fill that RAM with what you just wrote out of that RAM to your pagefile!

Memory is to be used, not left empty. Spend $80 on RAM and $19.95 on this, and you will have "$100" of unused RAM, and a slower computer.

Buy real RAM.

Reply   |   Comment by JoMa  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

WARNING-these kinds of programs will slow down your PC! That said, as someone who has been in the PC business for going on 15 years allow me to fill you in on where these things came from, so that you can see they are no longer needed. Back in the day of the early 16-32bit hybrid OSes(Win3.11 and Win95) memory was VERY expensive and many programs leaked like a sieve. Both Win3.11 and Win95 also had lousy memory management and didn't do cleanup very well. On those OSes these things would sometimes help. Win98SE and WinME had better memory management, and in WinNT based OSes(WinNT,Win2K,WinXP,Win Vista) these programs will SLOW DOWN your PC because they cause undue paging. So unless you are using an ancient OS or have way too little RAM to be running the OS you have(128Mb for Win9x,256 for WinNT/2K,512Mb for XP and 1024 for Vista) then this program will not help you. Better to buy a cheap stick of RAM.

Reply   |   Comment by Kevinb  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I was curious when I read the claims that this application can recover memory leaks. Essentially a memory leak isn't a leak at all, an application requires memory from the OS, the OS allocates the memory and later the application fails to tell the OS that it has finished with the memory. So the OS continues to protect that memory allocation and will not allocate it to other applications. If a person uses such software and never reboots then obviously there will be a degradation in system performance.

Because of my curiosity and also because I'm a programmer I decided to write a small program, which asked the OS for memory but never asked for it to be freed, then I ran Tweak Ram.

My bad code is this:- (some code omitted for clarity)

/*This creates a table or string list which will load a large file, in my case 50 Mb.*/

TStringList *tmp = new TStringList();

/*Loop through the list*/

for (int i = 0; i Count; i++){
str = tmp->Strings[i];

/*What should be next is this*/

delete tmp;

This line of code will instruct the operating system to free the memory that was previously allocated for my list. I omitted this line and compiled the program. I ran the program and then closed it. I had no other programs running and I ran Tweak Ram. The 'leaked memory' was not recovered which was exactly what I expected.

An OS will not let another application barge in and say "this is 'leaked memory' free it at once. Tweak Ram may optimize memory but as for it's claim that it can override the OS and recover 'memory leaks', well, that is pure BS.

I wouldn't recommend this software, I would recommend a hardware upgrade if your pc's performance is an issue.

Reply   |   Comment by AndyPandy  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

To those who say you need 2 Gigs to make Vista work, I don't find that to be true. I have 1 gig, actually slightly under 900 with the limitation I haven't bothereed to hack around. It's probably because I don't do graphics intensive gaming or work with hi-res video. I occassionally use an optimizer when I'm using a hoggish app. that I know is going to push me near the limit. I'm not trying to be mean, but I think a lot of very intelligent people here suffer from the limitation of having tunnel vision and only looking into the mirror for their own face - or at least their own computer configuration and usage - when they look at the world. There's more than one way to skin a cat. Like yesterday, anyone want to talk about Tweak RAM instead of beating the memory optimizer debate into the ground?

Reply   |   Comment by watcher13  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

#5 - I agree with Aumha. None of these "optimizers" - whether third-party memory managers, or registry clean-up tools, or "start-up" control tools do anything the OS and/or the user with a little knowledge can't do themselves, and they almost always add yet another level of overhead and/or sloppy middleware programming to make it happen. You're better off learning how to use the tools already in Windows IMO.

Reply   |   Comment by CluelessNewbie  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

#68--I would be more interested in your recommendation if you stated whether or not they were freeware, like some otheres mentioned above.

Reply   |   Comment by internetexplorer  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I see no mention (yet?) of the Applications Startup Wizard that is installed along with this TweakRAM. Anybody else have this? What is it anyway? Maybe someone from the publisher would like to tell us? Otherwise, it creates questions and possible concerns as to what is going on here, since an extra program raises security issues or more. Could it be a trojan or backdoor or adware, spyware or other malware?

Reply   |   Comment by windowsexplorer  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

To Phil

you seem pretty harsh when people say that RAM today is cheap, when in fact it is not only cheap but easily accessiable, you can even go to wal*mart now and get it.
for example:
and your last comment about the ram being "junkyard from the comments", in case you didn't notice there were only 3 user reviews, 2 of which were from the same person on the same day.

and Crucial is actually one of the better brands, next to Kensington, PNY and the like.

but as I said RAM is for DDR2 is very cheap, for older RAM that is another matter, the older the ram the higher the price, I have an older laptop that uses PC-100/133 and 512 MB for that is almost $75

but for cheap RAM go to:


ewiz it the cheapest of the computer suppliers listed

but all have RAM at 1gig for under $20

and as for the software today, pretty much it's all been said, it's about as useful as a knife in a machine gun fight

Reply   |   Comment by David  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)


>I had cleanmem on my second last pc which I got from this site or free and i loved it. I wished they >would give it away again.

Cleanmrm is free and always has been since it's release about a year and a half or so ago which totally removes it and it's operation from the "older" articles cited by #33 which were written well before Cleanmem was cpded using a built-in API in Windows itself and the INSANE claims by #48 who tells us he's been using computers for 15 years which makes him an expert!

Wow... that means I've probably been using computers longer than you've been alive. In addition, I've probably forgotten more than you've ever known so "Mr. Guru"... please take your lunacy elsewhere!

The good folks at MajorGeeks.com were skeptical about "memory optimizers" themselves when Cleanmem was first released and actually refused to put it on their site. However, after testing it they found that it did exactly what it claimed to do using a built-in Windows API. After their tests they even apologized to the coder and added it to their selection of other excellent apps and utilities.

I could care less whether any of you try it or not. I was simply recommending a nicely coded piece of software which uses something already built into Windows to work it's magic that has been proven by MajorGeeks.com and other sites to do exactly what it says with no overhead at all and the loons start coming out of the woodwork which is par for the course on this site and the reason I rarely post.

Never argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!

Reply   |   Comment by Syd Barret  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

R.A.M. is so cheap nowdays, 10 years ago it was around £1-£1.50 per megabyte. So 32mb r.a.m. would set you back anything from £32-£50

Nowdays a system needs a minimum of 1gb to be smooth and especially vista at least 2gb.

You can get 1mb r.a.m. for around £15-£30 depending on quality and maker.

So why waste money on buggy software.

Only solution is to buy some r.a.m.

If you have an old mobo and an older ops like win98 (which doesn't support more than 512mb) then install a freeware alternative.

CachemanXP is worth the investment though from what I remember of it.

They did have a freeware version, maybe look for the freeware version on an old software site.

Reply   |   Comment by Lee  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

A neat little trick for Vista users. • Using Vista's new ReadyBoost feature, a spare USB 2.0 key with enough space can speed up the OS performance.Plug in your drive and choose "Speed up my system" from the AutoPlay menu to enable ReadyBoost, which uses some fancy-pants disk-caching to make Windows a bit snappier. I for one just purchased 2X1GB crucial mem for $18. Couldn't be happier.

Reply   |   Comment by DSid  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Did not work. I actually lost memory space when I ran it, around 75MB or 1% of my total resources. I was hoping for some decent improvement since I was using 3MB out of my 8MB installed. Very Dissatisfied.

Reply   |   Comment by madSc13nt1st  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

So Many If's & Buts & whyfores & wherefores & WWW.go see their
Bring On a Tweeky Bird Ram ScreenSaver LOL
That's my Tuppence Worth
Happy New Year :-)356 Days To Xmas 2009 :-) :-)

Reply   |   Comment by jobinhand  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

#67 what's your point? you'd rather spend $20 on tweakram than buying real memory? my point is that if you think RAM is expensive, you must be one of the suckers who buy electronics from BestBuy.

Reply   |   Comment by hrbud  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

If you are truly looking for a Memory Optimizer that really works, then please check out my reviews at:


I'm about ready to update the review, and when I do, I will probably rank CleanMem as my favorite.

While there, check out all the other best freeware on the site.

Reply   |   Comment by Kendall  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Cool, a debate about memory optimizers! I want in!

Regarding CleanMem: if you think it's forcing Windows to flush pages to the page file (which is isn't), you can prove to yourself that it isn't with this simple procedure:

1. Install CleanMem
2. Open the Task Manager
3. Go to the "Performance" tab
4. Locate the middle field in the "Physical Memory (K)" box labeled "Available" and note where the "PF Usage" is displayed
5. Click "Options" and select "Always On Top"
6. Click Start, then "Run...", type "cleanmem" and hit Enter
7. CAREFULLY WATCH the two numbers on the Task Man display: PF USAGE and the Available Pysical Memory

On my systems, the PF Usage does not change a bit. The Avaiable Memory DOES change. That's because Windows is doing housecleaning for all processes except those in the ignore list, driven by CleanMem asking it to do so.

Try it and post what YOU see!

Reply   |   Comment by Jeff  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

to #7.. FF actually doesn't have that much leaks. It simply makes liberal use of your system ram by default. Go into About:Config and change browser.cache.memory.enable to false and you will be pleased with the results.

Reply   |   Comment by duf  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I did not down load this software. I have used it in the past (maybe a year and a half ago). There are better ones. This one worked, below par, for me. I am currently using WinCleaner Memory Optimizer with a Windows Vista OS. I used FreeRam XP pro with Windows XP. (Windows SP3 had not been released at this time.) These two programs worked well for me. I am not affiliated with either of these companies.

These do work!

Reply   |   Comment by Dan  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

#37 If you read to comment to the right on the link you posted you'll notice these RAM sticks fall into the "From the junk yard" catagory.

Reply   |   Comment by Phil  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Thanks for your kind thoughts, Meme. I'm afraid I'm truly dwarfed by people like Mike, Phil, Fubar, Reghacker, Bubby, WhiteRabbit, Ahsraf, and MANY others who post here. I just have a little experience with this issue. I only posted again to warn the new users: as others have said, some "optimizers" include memory setting tweaking functions. BE CAREFUL WITH THESE. That's why I recommended to newbies to be sure you understand the program your using. That's true of ANY setting tweaker. No "memory optimizers" don't really optimize your RAM by cleaning it, defragging it, or whatever. They just have a minor use when you're operating your RAM near maximum capacity for whatever the reason.

Reply   |   Comment by watcher13  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Phil asked in a brash manor & wanted a good laugh. Well, heres your cheap ram laugh! Both listed are reputable resellers of just about any hardware you might need for just about any PC. These are just the first pages for both sites listing Ram. If you don't have the facts, please don't act like that Phil. If you legitimately need some help or knowledge all you have to do is ask. There are some nice, regular visitors to GOTD that I'm sure wouldn't mind providing with what you want to know. Heres the links you asked for:




I've done business with both on many occasions with no problems whatsoever. Neither are as #34 states, dumps! He wanted a good laugh so I've provided one that proves Ram is cheap! Sorry Phil but your wrong. Maybe some are just better online shoppers then others.

For my machines, programs like todays offer would serve no practical purpose. This desktop is nice, not great but nice enough. I run out of processor power way before I get close to using up my 4 GB Ram, which by the way half of came from one of the sites I listed above. And, I do run some memory hungry software like AutoCad 2009, Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4, Corel Painter X & Adobe Acrobat. Theres times when I run two of the above listed together while browsing the internet & listening to music.
As stated, I run out of processor, not Ram. I only have a Intel Core Duo 2.66 chip and I doubt this machine could push more without a larger power supply. Just once, I'd like to come to GOTD & not see mean comments, Vista bashing or the bashing of someone else's system like went on here again yesterday.

Reply   |   Comment by ww2vet56  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I have found from experience that the only one of the RAM defrag programs that worls properly is "Free Ram XP pro" Available for free, and works well.

Reply   |   Comment by Fred  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

This is a program that I already bought last summer. I used it a few times and perhaps I did something wrong with it. There were two times that I had to do a total reinstall on my computer because this program (or the user!) messed things up so badly. Wish I knew it was coming free before buying, but again, that was months ago. I'm using Windows XP and had all kinds of errors and problems I couldn't fix so it was back to square one twice. I do much appreciate the guys on here who are so computer savvy and help us who don't know so much all the time so throwing in a thanks for you guys..and Watcher13, my prayers for you to be working again ASAP at whatever you love doing. .
Enjoy today's giveaway, but do read the comments by those guys like Watcher13 and Mike and Phil. They're a HUGE help to me as other than knowing AOL inside and out, that's really all of my real computer knowledge. (and how to do a clean wipe-reinstall! LOL) Have a great day and thanks GOTD for the goodies I recieve every day!

Reply   |   Comment by Meme  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Iobit's Smart Ram cleans great, although it freezes everything for an amount of time, but later it retains the amount freed. Sometimes it freezes more or less, but beats the heck out of this TweakRAM, plus it's free.

Reply   |   Comment by megaman  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

If you need to manipulate your ram to increase it than you better get of the pc and find something else to do with your time. BUY more ram and add to your pc. These programs are nothing but trouble-the only way to increase your memory is by buying and adding more memory to pc.

Reply   |   Comment by Jay  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Agreed with #49. RAM optimizers don't do miracles. They just try to keep the unused memory free (attacking memory leaks, fragmentation and etc), but they won't give you more RAM. If you can buy more RAM, you should rather buy more RAM instead of RAM optimizer.
But some users still use older PCs which cannot be upgraded with more RAM due to hardware limits. RAM optimizer is the only solution for these users.
I have a lot of ram (6 GB), so I don't need memory optimizers.
But thanks anyway GAOTD.

Reply   |   Comment by DDS  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I take back what I said optimizers are ok as long as they work well. I am just always cautious of what programs are doing to my computer.

Reply   |   Comment by applefox  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Hi all!

It's Giovanni, here, coming back after a short break...:LOL!

As for today's GAOTD to be honest I still didn't try it so I can't make any assessment but it looks like most of GAOTD visitors didn't appreciate it, did they?

74% THUMBS DOWN is a very low user rating for this kind of SW taking into account that wherever it was reviewed it got GOOD RATINGS from users who had previously bought it unlike GAOTD visitors.

So can't understand why you have been so "harsh" in your judgement so far...LOL! Is it because it allegedly uses too much resources for what it does?


- FreeRAM XP Pro 1.52




RAM BOOSTER has been created to improve the performance of your PC by auto-recovering RAM and tuning some system settings but unlike this GAOTD it uses minimal resources and almost no CPU time.

You will be able to experience the best performance boost, without the need of new hardware, hardware tweak and even without restricting your PC's stability.

If you visit the developer page there is also a full list of FREE UTILITIES created by him each of them got pretty good and in some cases even EXCELLENT reviews by SOFTPEDIA and other Website and PC magazines.

Here is the link:


And here is the download page of the developers's website where you can get them altogether for FREE in a zip file of 10 Mb: yes FREE, you got it right guys...LOL!!


Try all of them: you won't regret it, guaranteed!!

In particular there is a tool called "AutoMz Ultimate TweakerOne" which is in my view the best freeware and one of the most powerful automatic tweakers available on the market.

In fact with a specially designed algorithm, it scans your HARDWARE (CPU, RAM, Graphic Card, Hard Disk, CD/DVD, Modem ect... so not just the RAM usage) and even your SOFTWARE and then applies the best values for over 50 powerful tweaks!

Here are some key features of "AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker":

· Scan engine (Software-Hardware)
· Cpu Tweaks
· HDD Tweaks
· Memory Tweaks
· Graphic Card Tweaks
· CD/DVD Tweaks
· Modem Tweaks
· Internet Tweaks
· Windows Tweaks
· Boot Files Optimization
· Registry Optimization
· Temporary Files Clean
· Backup - Restore Service

All-in-one solution performing over 50 powerful tweaks at once, but the best part of it is that...IT'S FREE along with the other 10 little gems inside the same ZIP file...LOL!!

So with AutoMz Ultimate TweakerOne (but there is also another similar tool called "Mz Ultimate Tweaker 5.8" which does more or less the same things) you can forget this GAOTD and above all your PC CRASHES...LOL!!

Try also "Mz Cpu Accelerator", a pretty COOL APPLICATION that automatically changes the priority of the foreground window, by allocating more Cpu power to the currently active application (program-game) and automatically de-allocating cpu priority, when a new active application is used, leading to a terrific performance gain!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for those PC USERS like me with an old CPU running in their system.

Cheers from Italy!


Reply   |   Comment by g i o v i 69  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

these memory optimizers/managers/free RAM etc. are worthless and not needed.




Reply   |   Comment by da  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

I had cleanmem on my second last pc which I got from this siteor free and i loved it. I wished they would give it away again.

Reply   |   Comment by Spacepixie  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Thank you GAOTD team for your efforts and Elcor Software for your gift. But I don't think memory management has been an issue with most users since.... windows 3.1 and DOS. We had a 640k limit then. In those days you needed a good memory manager. Anyone remember QEMM? Today Windows can handle all of your memory needs without the need of a third party. Sorry Elcor Software. I just wonder if this program frees up as much memory as it consumes.

Reply   |   Comment by gpc111  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

This program installed and activated fine, but after uninstall, YourUninstaller found 101 registry entries!!

Reply   |   Comment by Blackstickman  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Lol it made my memory thing slower! :D
I can see it being useful for older computers
i guess?

Reply   |   Comment by Ben  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Useful or useless software?
It has always been a moot question whether RAM optimizing software do anything useful! I found a good article here
which in essence says that you should not waste time on these programs. Does anyone with good technical knowledge have anything else to say?

a computers RAM does not clear itself. It's used to store parts of programs you have open, in order to speed access to the program (instead of constantly waiting for the program to reach into the depths of the hard drive).

RAM is like your desktop at your office. As you open files, you place them on your desk. Eventually the desk becomes cluttered, hampering your work. How soon you reach that depends on the size of your desk (RAM amount/condition). Those files you are finished with do not put themselves away, you have to manually return them to the filing cabinet (hard drive). If your programs are slow, and you have to wait for web pages to "paint" (finish the screen each time you change), it may very well be a RAM capacity/usage issue.

RAM does not to be necessarily "optimized"...you can accomplish that by simply having enough installed. But a background program that simply frees memory still being tied up by programs you no longer have open can be useful. It can help mask RAM shortage and other minor problems with older machines.

I use Rambooster2 for XP, and FinitySoft Memory Manager for Vista. Respectable test results with a low-end Vista machine w/2 gig RAM + readyBoost, graphics card, firewire card, Dolby 5.1 sound, and dual monitors added.

Reply   |   Comment by Bill Veik  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

to Mike R

in answer to your request of low cost ram, I use a supply site www.ewiz.com

you can get 1gig Generic DDR2-533 1G/128x8 Memory, OEM, starting at $9.44 USD
and DDR-PC3200 DDR400 1gig starting at $21.99

you can also use www.pricewatch.com to find lowest cost on all kinds of computer and electronics items.

hope this helps

Reply   |   Comment by David  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Yes, RAM is inexpensive. But my laptop supports only 1 GB of RAM. HP tells me replacing the module with a bigger one can cause problems. TweakRAM did free up some memory, almost 100 MB: http://img125.imageshack.us/img125/5919/freeramun4.png. But then, I'm not running any memory-hungry programs right now.

Reply   |   Comment by Blackstickman  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

The problem with discussing memory optimizers is that both sides are frequently off the mark. I refer you to the best posts on this so far - we're up to 46 as I write this - those from Phil and Mike who, as usual, are right on top of it. In fact, I can't remember if I've ever seen a post from Mike I've had any problems with.

I have used memory optimizers on '95, '98, and Vista. They work, if you don't expect too much. The most important thing to understand: RAM optimizers CANNOT SPEED UP YOUR SYSTEM to any practical degree. What they can do is help minimize the slowdowns that come from being near the end of you're usuable RAM, which happens with intensive applications and heavy multi-tasking. Equally as important, they can help to reduce crashes and program freezes for the same reason, the latter being the main problem in the newer os's.

Actually, they don't all purge to the swap file. As Syd says, some attack "memory leak" at the source by attempting to purge unused processes, and some defragment the RAM. Some use combinations of these processes, and some even attempt to cut down on stack erros, a related source of crashes. Even purging to the swap file is not as bad as some here say because your computer will not "thrash" your hard disk to reload unused processes, since you're not using them in the first place. RAM defragmentation is the least useful, but RAM, like hard disk memory, has mild allocation size issues, so defragging can help.

Also understand "memory leak" will always be with us, as long as OS's cache data to speed up your computing. Any time a developer makes an incorrect guess on what you need cached, they'll be a memory leak. What's improved in recent years is the management of memory leak. I'll name a couple of programs that are leakers or poor memory utilizers: IE7 and Move media player, which ESPN 360 uses, though their latest beta has corrected this. And some programs don't purge long text lists from memory, even after you close the document. Even Mac has a version of memory leak, though Apple likes to keep it's users in the dark, so most don't know about it.

To those who say buy more RAM: As some have hinted here, some users are at the limit of expansion and would have to buy a new computer. In any case, PLEASE do not tell others how to spend their money. I have experienced more than one period of unemployment, and am currently in an extended one. If you don't like my financial situation, then send me money. You will receive a sincere and heartful thanks and a full accounting of how I use it, so you know I haven't wasted it. I would prefer you didn't send money, just keep you're opinion to how others should spend it to yourself. However, I agree that I wouldn't buy a memory optimizer when I could buy RAM.

To newbies, a memory optimizer could work for you, just try to find one that you understand, don't expect miracles, and set your purge limits modestly. You sometimes have to purge more than once, but that's because some are written to not be too aggressive to avoid problems, especially in older systems. If you memory is constantly bouncing back way above the target you set, then you're trying to purge too much. Your looking for as much as you can get to stay at a stable level after you've purged and it depends on what applications you're working with at the time.

One last thing that cries out for a response: No, OS's and programs do not try to use all your available memory. If they did, you couldn't multi-task.

From the tests I've seen, today's program probably isn't what you're looking for. It wouldn't necessarily be my final choice, but I've used cleanmem and it's a good program.

Reply   |   Comment by watcher13  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

ok, first off I've only been into computers for about 15 years, give or take a few.

the argument of memory optimizers has been around almost as long as the screen saver issue, do they work, and are they needed.

the answer to both question is a definite no.

regardless if it's freemem pro, Cleanmem, or TweakRAM, or any of the countless hundreds of memory optimizers out there, THEY DO NOT DO WHAT THEY CLAIM TO DO.

memory by it's nature can not be optimized as if it was a hard drive, memory is constantly filled and emptied, filled and emptied, filled and emptied, on and on, and thus there is nothing there to optimize in the first place, it would be like filling a glass with water, dumping some out and then putting more in and trying to keep them separate or to put the old on top of the new, ain't going to happen.

now for the back peddle, just like screen savers SOME, have their uses.

what some do that is effective is to take programs that are "stuck" in memory and basically "unstick" them, windows has been notorious for loading a program into RAM and then leaving part of it still there after the program closes, this is also sometimes called a leak or a plug., so when an "optimizer" runs some do actually flush RAM, but as previously posted it is flushed to the page file and then it has to be reloaded by the operating system, the optimizers do not reload the apps or other information back into memory for you, the system does.

so bottom line, just like screen savers, they have some use but all in all, they are worthless, period, plain and simple, ALL of them, let me quickly reliterate

they "flush" memory to the hard drive, normally to the page file and that is all
they DO NOT:
organize RAM into a clean and structured environment.
reload "optimized" information back into RAM
"free" more ram, and if they do it's only momentarily.
improve system performance.
so argue if you must, download and use if you want, but the facts are googleably plain, Memory Optimizers are a hoax and junk software.

Reply   |   Comment by David  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

# 37 Lone Wolf ; Yesterday was OS BASHING DAY. So, please comment on the software and stop the irrelevant comments of that kind.

By putting down other OS's , you just prove to us how closed minded you are.

Reply   |   Comment by Just Me  –  14 years ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)
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