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Leawo DVD Creator Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Leawo DVD Creator

Leawo DVD Creator is a professional home DVD creating program.
$29.95 EXPIRED
User rating: 7 (21%) 27 (79%) 8 comments

Leawo DVD Creator was available as a giveaway on October 27, 2022!

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Leawo DVD Creator offers you the best DVD burning solutions to create video, music and photo slideshow DVD. As a professional home DVD making program, Leawo DVD Creator provides easy-to-use and friendly home DVD making solution to help you convert and burn video to DVD content, burn ISO image file to DVD disc in
one click, and create DVD photo slideshow from photos saved in JPEG, JPG, BMP and PNG formats.

  • Create DVD-5/DVD-9 disc, folder and/or ISO image files from recorded videos, online videos and other videos;
  • Burn video to DVD content, with support of 180+ video, audio and photo formats;
  • Offer one-click operation to burn ISO image file to DVD disc;
  • Burn DVD photo slideshow of photos in JPEG, JPEG, PNG and BMP formats;
  • Burn DVD content with preferred disc menu, allowing disc menu editing;
  • 3D movie creator built in with 6 different 3D effects available for choice;
  • Practical and user-friendly video editor to get customized DVD movies;
  • Fast DVD burning with advanced GPU accelerating technologies.

Please note: Leawo DVD Creator works as a module of Leawo Prof. Media suite.

System Requirements:

Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10; Processor: 1 GHz or above Intel Processor; RAM: 256 MB (512 MB recommended); Free Hard Disk: 512 MB or above


Leawo Software



File Size:

126 MB

Licence details:

1 year license



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Comments on Leawo DVD Creator

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@TK Thank you. I was forgetting that it would be in MPEG2 format.

Reply   |   Comment by Colin  –  4 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Is this tool, only handy for movies? My old car has a Navigation DVD that is placed inside the dashboard. I really need to try to get the data from it and is this tool helpful?

Reply   |   Comment by R  –  4 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-2)

R, so you want a DVD reader... and how to make use of that proprietary data... what data do you want off that Sat-Nav DVD? It won't contain your saved locations or trips or anything you accumulated during the driving of your old car, that will have been stored in non-volatile memory inside the Sat-Nav unit the DVD for it was and is read only, it only contains map data and points of interest and possibly a copy of the firmware for the unit.

Reply   |   Comment by TK  –  4 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

You 'Rock' sir! Why? Because I did do some research to find a ISO or something. It is kind of complicated and confusing what works for my FN2 GT+ Type R with Sat-Nav and at times the firmware/reset or not. The Sat DVD of mine is a Honda DVD disk. The disk got damage to that small layer and the unit doesn't read it. It is accessible a bit with CRC errors, hence why I could try to make a DVD ISO and to burn it. Just complicated, but an awesome reply, thank you!

And yes, it still has my routes somewhere ;)

Reply   |   Comment by R  –  4 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

To create the slideshow can a folder full of jpgs be dragged over or must the images be dragged over one by one and also is it possible to create the slideshow on a USB stick rather than on a DVD?

Reply   |   Comment by Colin  –  4 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+10)

Colin, And then you can put that USB stick in the USB port of a SmartTV and view the slideshow.

Reply   |   Comment by Derk Waters  –  4 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+6)

The tutorial on the product site doesn't say much about importing your photos other than you can use drag & drop. Leawo DVD Creator can output the DVD in the requisite 2 folders on your hard disk -- the same 2 folders you'd burn to a disc -- and there's no reason you couldn't copy those wherever you wanted, e.g., a USB stick. Everything you see on a DVD is mpeg2 video, so you need to use a player that can handle that video -- VLC is a good choice for devices running Android, since the native player on most Android devices cannot decode mpg2. That said, nowadays video DVDs are Not a good choice for slideshows -- you're restricted to small, low resolution photos that will not look good at 1080p, & terrible at 4k. Some devices -- TVs, streaming boxes etc. -- have their own app that will display photos on a USB stick as a slideshow, many will let you mirror or cast from a cell phone/tablet, or you might be able to use a web browser to view your photos online as a slideshow if they're stored on one of the cloud sites like Google.

Reply   |   Comment by mike  –  4 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

Colin, you'd likely need a 3rd party tool to rip a DVD or DVD folder set into a more technology friendly video format, rather than MPEG2 VOB files of max size 1GBytes each. have a look at VSDC Free Video Editor it has a slide show creator built in and can export to wide range of video formats that can be placed onto a USB stick for use in smart devices including other computers.

Reply   |   Comment by TK  –  4 months ago  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (-2)
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