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abylon LOGON 20.60.2 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — abylon LOGON 20.60.2

Increase security and convenience with a Windows logon hardware key!
$37.43 EXPIRED
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abylon LOGON 20.60.2 was available as a giveaway on December 15, 2021!

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If you want to protect your computer in an effective way against unauthorized access, then the software abylon LOGON is a right solution. You can use a chip card, a USB storage medium or a CD/DVD as hardware key for Windows login. This key will be sufficient for the future registration at the computer. Windows registration can be additionally protected with an individual password that can be changed automatically once a day.

- Automatic Windows logon with a hardware key.
- Supported hardware keys: USB stick, various chip cards (also RFID radio chip cards), CD/DVD.
- Additional security through password and token combination (optional).
- Windows login with long password without remembering and typing it.
- Lock or unlock computer automatically in absentia.
- Random password: Daily automatic change of the Windows password (optional).

System Requirements:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10/ 11 (x32/x64)





File Size:

60.9 MB

Licence details:




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What happens when you lose the USB stick, I know, I was without computer for few days and I had to re-install everything from start (over 1TB of nightmare).
There is no alternate log in but to reformat the hard drive, also be careful, some backup software can not access the drive in the background if it is in lock mode or if you computer is in sleep mode. If locking the computer is your priority, I will not recommend this method of security.

Reply   |   Comment by Mike  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+31)

Hi Mike,
You are wrong with your statement. There are several options for this case. Without going into details now, you could also get a spare key (2nd USB stick) and teach it with the login data. Or the emergency password (SecureID) is used.
With abylon LOGON it is also not an encryption solution.It can be a relief to not have to enter a very complex password every time when logging in. Another very common application is in companies, where the admin does not want to tell the user the Windows password. Here, a smart card is simply handed over, for example.

Reply   |   Comment by Thomas  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+6)

"There is no alternate log in but to reformat the hard drive"

According to the FAQ that's incorrect:

"If abylon LOGON is activated, the Windows lock window can only be leave under Windows 10. When pressing the Cancel button the "normal" Windows logon screen is displayed.

On older Windows operating systems a login window of abylon LOGON is displayed. Here the password of the locked user can be entered via the keyboard."


In response to a question about Safe Mode: "The software abylon LOGON is NOT active in secure mode (without network). This is a protection from our side, so that you can deactivate the software abylon LOGON in an emergency, without having to reinstall your whole system."

Reply   |   Comment by mike  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+7)

The design of the company's products dates back to 1990.
I wonder how the company can supply these products in 2022.
In these two years, we had windows 11 and mac osx big sur with a modern design.
The company needs to take a general look at the design of its products so that users have the desire to try and buy them.
Thanks gotd

Reply   |   Comment by Alireza  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (+1)

Alireza, as you can see it's not always easy to get comments published... I posted comments on the giveaway day regarding those issues and how to prevent such system abuse by developers with, my reply to your comment and your reply to mine (I got the email notification of it) have both been censor deleted. If you look at their selfcert application on their website https://www.abylonsoft.com/selfcert/ you can see one of my comments on their cheapskate malpractice before I realised they install those three self-signed certificates to make their self-signed digital signatures look legitimate and for other undocumented purposes. They did not publish my reply once I found out they installed those invalid CA self-signed certificates on my old system and I then devised a workaround to prevent any more rogue developers doing unauthorised drive by certificate installations into our systems trusted CA stores. Of course GAOTD will censor this too as they feel they have no liability for the software they promote on their site and the bad actions they perform so they simply secretly censor comments on an ad-hoc basis and do not follow their own published moderation policy.

Reply   |   Comment by TK  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)

TK, if you see this reply too please contacting me in telegram @carolina3000

Reply   |   Comment by Alireza  –  Last year  –  Did you find this comment useful? yes | no (0)
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